About Us


Ofashion.co is a collective of different brands selling directly to you, the consumer.  From chic contemporary looks to trendy fast-fashion styles, we carry a wide assortment of women's clothing brands.  Usually, these brands are available for purchase only through a retailer (online or off) but you can purchase direct from the manufacturer here on Ofashion.co.  By purchasing direct from the brands, you'll get access to the newest collections first and not pay retailer mark-ups.




What are the benefits of buying DTC (Direct-To-Consumer)?

In addition to first availability of styles and lower prices, DTC allows brands to make a better profit margin without increasing your price since all revenue goes directly back to the brands (instead of to a retailer).  This also translates into higher quality products and a more ETHICAL SUPPLY CHAIN in the long run.  A better margin for the manufacturer means our brands can pay their factories better who in turn can pay their workers better, here, and abroad.  Also all our brands are U.S. based companies and most are small businesses that hire in their local communities.  DTC changes the distribution of wealth in the fashion industry to a fairer model.  Finally by being free from retailer demands, DTC allows brands more creativity with their designs and the ability to offer you a wider variety of products.

Why can't I see the name of the Brands?

In order to give you direct from brand prices, we have to protect our brands from their retail customers who most likely will be selling the brand at higher prices.  You will know the brand when you receive the product.  Please trust that we vet and test our brands thoroughly to meet our quality standards.  We only take on brands that offer amazing quality first.

Is OfashionCo and Ofashion.co the same?

Yes.  Our company name is Ofashion.co and use OfashionCo for websites that prevent us from posting a web domain as our company name.  But they are both the same company and you are on the correct site!

Why Shop With Us?

Ofashion.co brings you a large selection of women's clothing.  Whether you're looking for a cute casual outfit, a dress for going out, or some comfortable activewear, you'll find it on Ofashion.co.  Most of these items are only sold wholesale via appointments but now through Ofashion.co, you can buy directly from the brands before the styles reach retail.

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